Our determination will result in a better relationship between family members that help build a better society.

Saving the Family

Noemi Mottesi is the wife of Alberto Mottesi. 


She has successfully combined her role as a mother and wife with an intense

participation in the ministry. Her two sons are now professionals: Marcelo is a

doctor in Jurisprudence and Martin has a Masters in International Business



Noemi is currently the International Director of Saving the Family, a Department

of the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association dedicated to the full restoration of

the home. She is frequently asked to give lectures to groups of women and

leadership seminars. 


The activities lead by Noemi and her team within the department of Saving the Family includes training courses in family counseling, post-abortion bible classes, seminars on the sexuality of young people, as well as conferences that address topics such as child abuse, domestic violence and various addictions. Also, Naomi is a professor in the School of Evangelists Alberto Mottesi. 


She has written a book about abortion titled "Cartas a una amiga" (Letters to a friend); and is co-author with her husband of the book "Salvemos la Familia" (Saving the family). 



Saving the Family is a ministry dedicated to: 



  • Strengthen homes. 

  • Build happy marriages according to the eternal plan of God. 

  • Provide resources for the restoration of individuals. 

  • Take the compassion of Christ to a broken world. 


For invitations write: noemi@albertomottesi.org or call 714-265-0400.



Noemi Mottesi