¿Qué es una Celebración Evangelística?

The program "Un Momento con Alberto Mottesi" (A Moment with Alberto Mottesi) is transmitted approximately 2,000 times daily in over 24 countries. This program is straightforward in dealing with the problems of everyday life and gives a Christian response for a real solution. It is not in any way sectarian. It is totally inclusivist. No sector of the community is excluded by the terminology or presentation of the program. All kinds of people feel included and empowered to live better. This production will be an important contribution to the overall programming of the issuer. 


How Much Does It Cost? 


We offer the spanish program "Un Momento con Alberto Mottesi, free of charge to those stations dedicated to strengthening the family and committed to sending our program regularily, to the person or organization responsible for a regular and continuous space in a local station.


For more information on how to obtain our spanish radio program please write to emilio@albertomottesi.org






Countries of stations that download our radio program. Many of these provide its programming via the Internet, reaching almost the entire world.


  • Germany

  • Argentina

  • Belice

  • Bolivia

  • Canada

  • Chile 

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • United States

  • Puerto Rico 

  • Ecuador

  • El Salvador 


  • Spain

  • Guatemala

  • Honduras 

  • Israel

  • Mexico

  • Nicaragua

  • Panama

  • Peru

  • Dominican Republic

  • Uruguay

  • Venezuela

  • The Antilles



It is our desire to bring the message of salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ using mass media, through humor, entertainment, news and interviews, as a way to deliver a solid and profound message. Our priority is to win people for Jesus and that the program also help them mature in the Lord. Our programs aim to launch the seed of the Word as first contact with those who normally would not view a christian program. 


Our objective is to reach those who watch television to entertain their minds after a hard day's work, but although our program has entertainment, our goal will always be to leave the word of God in the hearts of viewers in a very clear way, raising the name of Jesus as our Lord.



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