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The Vision and Purpose of the coming years will focus mainly on:
Evangelization, Education, and Compassion
The Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association is a non-profit christian corporation that is committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, strengthening the family, equiping hispanic christian leaders and providing ministry resources for the hispanic church worldwide. Our purpose, in obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord, is to win for Christ the greatest possible number of people, motivate the church to live a consistent life style of evangelism, and with His help, go where He sends us sparing none of the sacrifices He demands of us. 

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Our Departments

The Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association consists of various departments, which operate within the central office in Santa Ana, California USA. Each is committed to proclaiming the Gospel and winning for Christ the greatest possible number of people.

AMU. Alberto Mottesi University offers 3 academic programs: AMU Central, AMU Centers and AMU Virtual. By means of these programs we are preparing hundreds of students in different parts of the world.

Our Evangelistic Association has made a strategic alliance with Hope of Life Ministries International. The vision is to meet the spiritual, physical and educational needs of people in extreme poverty.


Our spanish radio program "Un Momento con Alberto Mottesi" (A  Moment with Alberto Mottesi) is broadcast daily by over 2,000 stations throughout the world. We can provide our program to interested broadcasters.

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Our television programs are recorded in the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association studios and are designed to reach the world for Christ. They are recorded in different formats and use humor, entertainment, interviews and news.

Every year Alberto and Noemi Mottesi, along with the School of Evangelists, organize an unforgettable trip to Israel. Be part of our next trip to Israel with Alberto and Noemi Mottesi.

Dedicated to the full restoration of the home. We provide training courses in family counseling, post-abortion bible classes, seminars on the sexuality of young people, as well as conferences that address topics such as child abuse, domestic violence and various addictions.

Evangelistic Celebrations continue being an effective way in how to share the Gospel to large groups of people. Sometimes they are small with an attendance of a few thousand, and sometimes they can reach an attendance as large as hundreds of thousands of people.


Dr. Alberto Mottesi

" Let your dream be great enough so that God fits inside your dream".  - Alberto Mottesi

Dr. Alberto Mottesi is one of the most well-known and respected lecturers in the Hispanic-American world. His radio and television programs are broadcasted daily by more than 10,000 mass media channels. The largest convention of communicators in the world, NRB, awarded the “Golden Microphone” for his excellence in communications, in Washington, DC.


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