In the last 35 years we have preached in person to more than
20 million human beings, and more than 2 million made professions of faith.


Evangelistic Celebrations continue being an effective way in how to share the Gospel to large groups of people. Sometimes they are small with an attendance of a few thousand, and sometimes they can reach an attendance as large as hundreds of thousands of people. In any case, the Gospel always remains being personalized; we speak as if it were to a single person and the Holy Spirit works with everyone personally.


While the Lord give us strength we will continue organizing these Evangelistic Celebrations that in many cases, deeply impact the life of a city. 


What is a Celebration?

The primary purpose of our Evangelistic Celebrations is: 

Making Disciples of the Kingdom of God. 


The success of an Evangelistic Celebration is not in direct proportion to the amount of people that attend the meeting, nor is it directly related to the amount of people taking public decisions. Of course we want to gather the largest crowds to proclaim the Gospel and hope to see large numbers of them answering the call. However, according to the biblical pattern, the success of a Evangelistic Celebration is directly related to the amount of visible fruit that, in later time, serves as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the fellowship of a local church. (Matthew 28: 16-20)



For Invitations

Emilio Meza Jr.
General Coordinator

  We work with invitations from groups of pastors, church fellowships or alliances.   


The goal will be to mobilize the Christian community to bring the message of Jesus Christ to as many unbelievers as possible, and provide an opportunity for each person to make a personal decision,

by connecting them to a local church, for the preservation and spiritual nourishment in the Christian faith, and development of discipleship. 


Please write to or call 714 265 0400 for more information.




General Coordinator

Emilio Meza Jr.



Central America




South America

Orlando Estévez


 David Enríquez Navarrete

Dr. Eduardo Gómez