Our challenge is to share the compassion of Christ towards the personal and social suffering of humanity, doing everything in our power to meet human need.
Dr. Alberto Mottesi
Founder & Honorary President 

Dr. Alberto Mottesi is one of the most well-known and respected lecturers in the Hispanic-American world. His radio and television programs are broadcasted daily by more than 10,000 mass media channels. The largest convention of communicators in the world, NRB, awarded the “Golden Microphone” for his excellence in communications, in Washington, DC.

He has received doctoral degrees from four universities in the United States, Colombia and Mexico. The press has called him “Pastor of the Presidents” for his continuous ministry to leaders of different levels in  Latin American nations. His leadership seminars annually attract thousands of leaders from all backgrounds, and his massive meetings are counted among some of the largest mass movements in the history of the Hispanic people. In the last 40 years he has preached in person to more than 30 million people. He has published 17 books. His literary work, America 500 Años Después (America 500 Years Later), has been adopted as a textbook in the educational system of several countries. He is continuously invited to speak at national and international congresses.

Noemi Mottesi, Lic.
Co-Founder & Honorary Vice-President 

Noemi Mottesi, Alberto Mottesi’s wife, is the International Director of “Salvemos la Familia” (Let’s Save the Family), a department of the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association dedicated to the total restoration of families. This department includes training courses in family counseling, post-abortion restoration, seminars on young people and sex, and conferences on topics such as child abuse, domestic violence and the different addictions.


Noemi is frequently invited to speak at woman’s conferences and leadership seminars. In addition, she is a teacher at the Alberto Mottesi University. She has written a book on abortion entitled "Letters to a Friend"; and is the co-author with her husband to the book "Salvemos la Familia".

Martin Mottesi
CEO of Come Alive Organics, LLC
Orange, California

Martin, son of Noemi and Alberto, has been a member of the AMEA Board of Directors for several years. He is an elder of his church, Watermark OC Church, and CEO of Come Alive Organic, LLC.

Frank Lopez.jpeg

Pastor Frank López

President of the Board 

Jesus Worship Center

Miami, Florida




Pastor Bucky Dennis

Watermark Church

Costa Mesa, California




Martin Mottesi

President of AMEA
CEO of Come Alive Organics, LLC
Orange, California

Pastor Juan A. Sariñana

Centro Evangelístico Ebenezer
Cudahy, California





Dr. Eduardo Font, PHD

Director of AMU

Educator and national leader ABCUSA  



Dr. Gary Kinnaman,

Mesa, Arizona

Cuitlahuac Godinez

President of Baja Star

San Diego, California


Pastor Paul Ogando

The Rock Church and

World Outreach Center

San Bernardino, California. 


Dr. Alberto Mottesi

Founder & Honorary President 


Emilio Meza Jr.

Director of Crusades and Radio


José Luis Sáenz

Television Director


Nely Ruano, MBA

Office Manager

Carmen Graciano

Administrative Accountant Assistant 

Otto Tippol_edited.jpg

Otto Tippol

Israel Trip and Social Media Coordinator 


Dr. Eduardo Font

Director of AMU

Television Department

John Granato

Editor, Video Engineer and Technical

Ashnet García

AMU Producer

Alberto Mottesi University

Lupita Loeza, B.S.

Associate Dean

AMU Online and

AMU Central


Yeny Martínez

Central  School Coordinator

Nasheli Mayén

Extreme Rescues Coordinator

Extreme Rescues

Ernesto Lemus

Operations Assistant


Yesenia González, B.A.,B.S.

Associate Dean

AMU Centers 


Emilio Meza, M.MIN

Director of Admissions and Registration

Aaron Salazar_edited.jpg

Aarón Salazar

Extreme Rescues Administrative Assistant


Melvin Valiente, D. MIN 

Dean of AMU